World Women in Neuroscience (WWN) is an independent consulting, mentoring, and networking body with the mission of promoting career development of women neuroscientists across the globe through mentoring and networking activities. The group functioned as an IBRO ad hoc committee for about eight years but in 2016 as the IBRO Regional Committees were required to include gender bias and diversity in their charge, WWN has functioned as a separate body outside the IBRO umbrella.

The WWN Executive Committee strongly believes that there are still many disparities with regards to women in the neurosciences and sees the need to incorporate women at all levels of the scientific research enterprise. WWN’s activities have highlighted disparities with regard to women in the neurosciences by promoting equality and addressing gender and minority bias within the varying regional needs and cultural traditions of women neuroscientists across the world. Our vision is an improved environment for career advancement in neuroscience for women in all regions of the world.

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World Women in Neuroscience aims to improve career development, mentoring and networking opportunities for female neuroscientists around the world, with special attention to women in disadvantaged regions.

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