Future Activities

WWN aims to initiate and promote timely and impactful activities for the advancement of women in neuroscience across the globe. To partner with us on professional development opportunities, email us via world.women.in.neuroscience@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:

Flyer for the ALBA-WWN-IBRO Mentoring Circle: Leadership and diversity at every step of the journey @ #FENS2022. Has the date/time/location, "11 July 22, 18:45-20:30, Hall I" in white font in a black circle. Includes a photo of colorful game pieces in a circle and the logos for WWN, ALBA, IBRO, and FENS Forum 2022.

Learn from inspiring mentors at the ALBA-WWN-IBRO Mentoring Circle about key elements of leadership, common leadership styles/roles, and career development skills. This event will take place in-person @ #FENS2022 in Paris on July 11 at 6:45p CEST in Hall I. Light dinner and drinks will be offered. Registration is required! For more information, visit https://www.alba.network/alba-wwn-ibro-mentoring-circle-fens22.

About Us

World Women in Neuroscience aims to improve career development, mentoring and networking opportunities for female neuroscientists around the world, with special attention to women in disadvantaged regions.

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